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Welcome to Calico and Creme, a family owned and operated restaurant. We are located along the scenic Williamsville Road in Hubbardston MA. For the last 32 years, we have served our homecooked meals and icecream to thousands of families. Children have enjoyed playing in our playground as well as petting our farm animals. At Calico & Creme, we serve more than food--we strive to make each meal a memorable experience. So bring your family down to Calico and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with us.More...

Our Restaurant1

Enjoy a sit down lunch or dinner in a country setting. Our food is made fresh using the best ingredients.More...

Our Ice Cream

Treat your family to an ice cream experience like no other. Our ice cream is made fresh on our farm! Enjoy it in our restaurant, on the go or on our beautiful playground.More...

Attractions and Activities

We have a variety of activities for kids and families to relax or play. Kids can swing or slide in the playground. More...

Charity and Community

At Calico we believe in giving back to the community. Our E.I.E.I.O. community piggy bank continues to raise money for the community; Our library reading programencourages reading among school age children. More...

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Stay tuned for the latest events and Calico and Creme
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